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Portfolio : Contextual Statement

In this contextual statement I will be discussing, analysing and walking through the process I undertook to create my work this semester.

Before I began thinking about what medium I should use to create my practical project; I was asked to create three different questions that I had an interest in. I decided that the three questions I wanted to base my projects around were:


1.     Peoples thoughts on the art of conscious dream control ‘Lucid Dreaming’

2.     How has Coca Cola’s advertising changed throughout the years

3.     The disadvantages and advantages of Social Media


The first question was based on a video I watched on Youtube called ‘The I-Dreamer – 90 min sleep cycle (Isochoric tones)’ this video introduced me to the lucid dreaming concept. I was intrigued in the way there are techniques on how to control your dreams. In the book ‘Exploring the world of lucid dreaming’ by Stephen Leberge. Stephen states that Lucid Dreaming will help with problem solving, increasing your creativity, facing your fears and exploring your own subconscious. What made me want to base my project on lucid dreaming is when I asked friends if they knew what lucid dreaming was; many had never heard of it. I thought it would be great if I created an educational project explaining and showing how to lucid dream. Stephen LaBerge (1991).


My research paper is based around advertising in the 21st century. I recently had done a lot of research on the beverage company Coca Cola Company. What amazed me so much about Coca Cola were their marketing strategies and their huge impact on Western society. I wanted to show my audience how much of an effect a company can have on their everyday life. For instants, Coca Cola created the Santa Claus look in the 1930’s. The old man with the big white beard and red outfit was designed for Coca Cola’s Christmas campaign. Rachel Arandilla. (2011


My third idea was based on Jeff Bulla’s article ‘Sensational Social Media Facts, Figures and statistics’. I was amazed by how many people from all over the world use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As well as having loads of advantages there are also many disadvantages on using these online communication services. Not only this, for my research paper I want to link the way advertising has changed due to social media. Many companies have strategically changed their marketing methods, as now it’s easy for anyone to advertise a product or service. Jeff Bullas. (2012).

After I had my questions planned out; I was briefed to create four different digital prototypes using different mediums. The first task was to create a 60 second video on ‘Lucid Dreaming’

Lucid Dreaming


As you can see the video is very informal, I tried to be very experimental and just go with the flow. Here is some of the feedback I received from my classmates and teachers.


- Keep the camera still the whole time 

- Use people that lucid dream

- Make it more formal 

- Do not just ask the question ‘Is Lucid Dreaming good or bad’ straight away, that should be the last question

- Use a microphone so the sound is clearer


After I created the 60-second video; my second task was to create an interactive flash prototype. I decided to create mine around the question ‘How has Coca Cola’s advertising changed throughout the years’ Here is my prototype.


As you can see it is very simple and easy to navigate. My aim was to show how Coca Cola’s advertising has changed and I feel that I have successfully showed this. The layout is very simple and easy to read; also it has visuals on every slide, which keeps the audience fully engaged. Here is some of the feedback I received from my classmates and teachers.


- It has good navigation, its easy to use 

- Would go well in a business presentation, showing the growth of the company 

- I should have been more creative and added more actions buttons instead of just clicking to the next page.

- Some of the images are pixelated


For my third prototype, I was asked to create a motion graphics on the disadvantages and advantages of social media. I enjoyed this task as it allowed me to brush up on my Adobe After Effects skills. I started off by looking at different motion graphics; I eventually decided I wanted to create a kinetic typography. This was heavily influenced by Aaron Leming’s ‘Mad as Hell’ work.


My aim was to use simple colours, fast pace music and bold text. I tried to also use fade-outs and camera shakes. By adding these effects it would make it look more professional. If I was to improve my motion graphics, I would make sure that the timing of the text is in time with the music.


The music I used is by an artist called Lee Maddeford, I found the song on a free music archive. I also emailed the artist to make sure that I can use his material for my project.